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Hotpot is a very popular dish in the whole of China and can be enjoyed any season during the year. No other specialty, either regional or national, enjoys this much popularity among the Chinese people. When one doesn't know what to eat, most of the time "Let's go have Hotpot" is the answer. There are many different variations of hotpot, from the selection of ingredients, the dip sauce to the forms and materials of the pot used. Mixed hotpot is offered as a menu at our restaurant.


There is a metal board in the middle of the pot that divides the soup base into red hot soup base and plain soup base to meet different taste preferences.


The menu is composed for 2 persons as follows.

1 plate of sliced lamb CH (200g)

1 plate of sliced beef CH (200g)

1 plate of ox tripe & sliced pork secreto CH (200g)

1 plate of shrimps & fish filet (200g)

1 plate of salad vegetables, mushrooms & broccoli

1 plate of tofu, glass noodle & ramen noodle


Dip sauce:
Original dip sauce with sesame paste, pickled tofu and peanut butter. On request, smokey BBQ dip sauce is also available.


Fr. 49.- per person, from 2 persons.


Pre-order is desired. In some cases it can also be served without a pre-order. Depending on the capacity of the restaurant and the availability of ingredients, the waiting time may be lengthy or it may not be served at all.

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