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It is very important to us how our guests feel about our service and we do our best to provide them with a good one. Unfortunately, it may still happen that we cannot serve all the dishes simultaneously. This is caused by the nature of Chinese cooking methods, wok dishes must be cooked one by one, unless all the ordered dishes are the same. The fact is, guests aren't happy if their food isn't served at the same time. In this case, communal dining makes a lot more sense. It would be much less stressful but more enjoyable if people start eating after the first dish is served.

Eating together is part of Chinese culture

In Swiss restaurant culture, it is common for guests to order their own individual dishes for their meals. While you may feel the desire to serve your own portions while dining, this ordering style may not be appropriate when dining at a Chinese restaurant. Ordering dishes to share is considered polite and traditional in Chinese dining culture.


By sharing dishes, both deciding what to order together and eating from the same plates, you create a stronger connection with your table neighbors. Sharing allows you to focus on the act of eating, the content of your meal instead of worrying about when the food I ordered will be served.

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Benefits of sharing dishes

One of the biggest benefits of sharing dishes is the opportunity to try a little of everything. Let's say you're torn between two main courses and a few different sides or appetizers - if you are ready to share the dish, you don't have to worry about the choice. This is especially nice when you're dining at a new restaurant where you're unfamiliar with the menu.

You also have the option to add nutritional variety to the dishes you order. If you order strategically, everyone at the table has a better chance of getting a well-balanced meal. You don't have to worry if you're ordering something that's low on veggies or high in protein. The nutritional value of a dish can easily be improved by adding something from another plate, resulting in a more satisfying meal.

We wish everyone good appetite!

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