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We come from Beijing, we understand Beijing Duck!

Peking duck is one of the most famous dishes in Peking cuisine.

The term “Beijing duck” refers not only to the complex method of preparation and orthodox serving style of the world-famous Beijing duck, but also to the breed of duck. This means that not every grilled duck which is prepared and served in a Chinese restaurant can be called Beijing Duck.

Unlike most roast ducks, Beijing Duck is not stuffed with any herbs or spice mixes to keep its flavor as pure as possible.

The duck used for the preparation in China is a special breed called the “Beijing White Duck”. This duck originates from the Beijing region and has a larger breast and smaller legs. The skin is thicker and the fat content is significantly higher than most other duck breeds. The meat is succulent, tender and full of flavour. Most commercial ducks on the market are good for grilled duck, but not for Peking Duck.

After tireless trials with ducks of different origins, it was proven that the world-famous “Silver Hill Duck” from Ireland has the most resemblance in the taste to a “Beijing White Duck”.


The production of Beijing Duck is very complex. The duck is first blown to separate the skin from the meat, then coated all over with in hot water dissolved mixture of malt sugar, honey, red rice vinegar, corn starch, wheat starch and custard powder. After this treatment, the duck will be left to air dry in a well-ventilated place for at least 12 to 16  hours, depending on the humidity and temperature. After air-drying the duck will be frozen for at least 48 hours to have the skin dehydrated. The duck prepared in this way is then hung on the neck and grilled in the oven for an hour at increasing temperatures, during which the skin puffs up again, becomes crispy and takes on the typical, bright red color.


The duck will now be sliced and served to guests with home-made sweetened soy paste, plum sauce, granulated sugar, cucumber strips, leek strips, melon strips and pancakes.

A whole Beijing Duck costs Fr. 128.- and gives a filling meal for two persons, even for three if there is not such a big hunger.​​

Duck breed and country of origin:

Silver Hill Duck, Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, Ireland



A pre-order of at least two days in advance is required.

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