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"Fischermätteli Room" is situated at the far back of the restaurant. There are 26 seats in this room. We have preserved the original wooden wall panels to pay respects to this over 120-year old historical building. In the meanwhile, some East Asian touches have been added to it, in order not to confuse our guests this room with a Swiss chalet.


The middle part of the restaurant is called "Houhai Room". Houhai is the largest lake in the central area of Peking. Since the turn of the millennium, the Houhai lake and its surrounding areas have developed into a popular nightlife center with many restaurants, bars and cafés, and the area is particularly popular with tourists, expats and hip Beijing residents.


This part of the restaurant with many red lanterns delivers a typical impression of a street restaurant in the Houhai area and offers a maximum seating capacity of 28.



"Peking Room" facing the Weissenstein street, is the smallest of all dining areas. According to different needs, it can be combined into different table layouts to accommodate 16 to 20 guests. For a fee of CHF 250, the Peking Room can also be used as a private room for sole use.

Peking Room is also the only area of the restaurant which is air-conditioned.



From the end of May till September, the well-shaded terrace with lots of bamboo offers a comfortable outdoor dining environment with a maximum seating capacity of 68.

The restaurant offers barrier-free access via the garden entrance for people with walking difficulties and with prams. The restaurant owns a private parking lot and offers up to 10 private parking spaces for the guests.

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