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Grain In Ear - Modern interpretation of traditional Chinese music

Aktualisiert: 29. Juli 2023

Performed by Wimi Zhao, one of the lead singers of a young music group called "Interesting" from China. The group has been trying to combine popular musical elements with traditional Chinese culture and instruments to create more interesting music. This song has enjoyed a world-wide popularity. This version has more than 61 million views on Youtube alone till today.

The song "Grain In Ear" (Man Zhong) is about reminiscing a dead lover. Grain in Ear (6th to 20th of June in lunar calendar) is the 9th of the 24 Chinese solar terms. It is a time of change agriculturally. In this song, it can be interpreted as a time of either choosing to continue holding on, or choosing to let go of the past.

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